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Terms and Conditions

  1. Bookings should be made wherever possible in advance providing at least 4 hour notice to Airflight Services.

  2. Highway 407 tolls are not included in the tariffs. If passenger requests use of ETR 407, the applicable toll will be extra.

  3. If Passenger requests use of ETR 407 to a lower tariff zone, the higher zone rate where exiting the ETR 407 plus the ETR 407 toll will be applicable.

  4. Tariffs are computed based on GTAA approved flat rates and every effort has been made to portray these accurately. However, in the event of variances/disputes, the printed zone fare maps used by the drivers will be used to determine final fares. All fares & fees are subject to changes from time to time and without notice.

  5. Airflight Services expects to provide vehicles for all bookings made through the online system. However, Airflight reserves the right to cancel or amend such bookings without notice in the event of events beyond its control such as bad weather etc.

  6. Waiting charges, minimum per hour rates, pet charges, etc are to be determined as per the Tariff Charts held by the driver.

  7. Customers are solely responsible for providing accurate information at the time of booking. Airflight reserves the right to refuse or suspend any bookings without any reason whatsoever. Inaccurate or incomplete information could result in bookings not being accepted or fares being inaccurately assessed. In the event fares are inaccurately assessed due to inaccurate information, the fares would be re-assessed by the driver and revised fares would be payable by Customer.

  8. Customers booking cars for pick up from Airport are advised to call 1-800-268-6843 or 416-445-1999 on arrival at Pearson Airport and a vehicle will be dispatched to reach them usually within 5 minutes , subject to availability during Peak Hours 4pm – 7pm